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The Gazing Eyes of Ma’at

May 17, 2022


The night I published the post How to Write Your Own 42 Positive Confessions I was visited by the goddess, Ma’at. Curiously, Lady Ma’at did not appear in the usual form of a winged human-like goddess, with an ostrich feather displayed over her head. Rather, she appeared in a new form, detailed below.


I just settled into bed. As per the usual pattern with Subjective Mystical Experiences and Encounters (SMEEs), I wasn’t thinking about much in particular. My post on Ma’at was completed and published; I shifted my focus onto worldly affairs. Getting as much done as possible before returning to work was the only thing left on my agenda. Onyx, my new Cavoodle puppy, had his dinner, was toileted, brushed and was settled down in his crate near my bed for the night. I managed to get some laundry done — mainly work uniforms — and line dried them under the veranda despite the lingering wind and rain of a La Niña event. I paid off a lay-by, which I was looking forward to surprising my partner, Aerohne with. Just normal human stuff and getting sh*t done.

Within moments of laying down and closing my eyes, I was met by an expanse of powerful white light (note, this was a vision, in my mind’s eye). The light spread beyond every horizon; it reached into every conceivable place in creation, and filled all that is. From the great, white light issued a pair of electric blue eyes. Intuitively, I knew these were The Eyes of Ma’at. The eyes made eye-contact with me, and immediately caused an internal purification and re-organisation of my being, which I felt with a sudden jolt. Immensely powerful and impartial, there was also a sense of gentleness and great compassion in her eyes. With a glance, Ma’at could read everything, and know everything there was to know about a person, place or event, including the direction needed to maintain balance and achieve growth. I could sense that Ma’at heard my positive confessions and had come to directly respond.

“I love you.” She said.

“Lady Ma’at, I am purified by your gaze. But you should not look at me, I am unworthy!”

The words tumbled from my mind. It was true; a being so incredibly advanced and refined should not have to look upon the horrors of the world, and upon me, a man struggling to simply build a decent life, who fights to ward off burn-out, who’d been through horrific, soul-destroying sh*t in life but was still standing and clutching to the faded memory of what it was all for. I was an old battle axe. Ma’at should not have to look at that. I wanted her to dwell in her own Divine Reality. I was not feeling low in mood whatsoever; my mental health was fine (and not that I meant to lament on my life; I have a great life). I just knew that by connecting with me on this level, Ma’at was exposing herself to essentially, a lower energy. Kind of like when we have to go to a seedy part of town for something. It’s not very nice.

“I will look at you.” Ma’at said sweetly but assertively. 

It’s confronting when a deity makes direct eye-contact with you, and speaks. It sends shockwaves through your body. Even if they are pleased with your work. Pleasing the gods however, now means that you are held to a higher standard. You must live up to your potential because these ancient beings, who are real in every way and are by no means purely mythical, now have expectations of you. Ma’at shared her support, encouragement and ideas. Of this, I can only remember the gist of. Her main message, for us all, was in regards to the power of positive thought, action and intention each day because these things are literally reshaping the world and influencing the rest of the universe. We are at a tipping point, which was emphasised to me. It’s like during an election, when they’re counting all the votes because the results are so close. Your vote counts, so make sure it’s a good one! But you have to make that choice. The 42 Positive Confessions are a good way to clarify your own moral code in thought, word, action and deed.

Later, I was also visited by Ra, who appeared in his traditional form of the falcon-headed Ra-Horakhty adorned with the solar disc above his head. He chose to make his visitation less intense and less direct. The energy was less concentrated, which was a relief. Not that I would trade these experiences for anything! Some people have millions of dollars, or millions of followers on instagram. I have this and I’m so incredibly grateful. Ra was also 100% benevolent and kind. Ancient Egyptian deities and guides love the fact that modern people today still wish to connect with them. Ra was particularly pleased with the positive confession I wrote which states: I honour the souls of the dead and I show them the way, if they are lost.”

“Yeah,” I agreed with Ra, “because the world is full of lost souls. We have to do something about it. It’s ironic because many of them haunt houses and yet, they are homeless but not truly homeless if they move on into the light…”

With that, I fell asleep as Ra listened patiently. 

One conclusion we could draw from this would be, the netjeru are totally fine with us reciting 42 Positive Confessions (instead of negative) in our practice, and writing our own, if we wish to do so. Done with respect and sensitivity, positive outcomes will be achieved. Also, before we close, I just want to reiterate, if you’ve ever doubted there was any good left in the world, with all the negative things that happen on a daily basis, the answer is a resounding YES! There is so much good and it is so powerful and so expansive and so responsive. All you need to do is reach out, and it’s there to guide you. The next day, I was walking home from work and able to fully process the meeting with Ma’at and my whole body was getting goose bumps and I had tears in my eyes. What’s the opposite of trauma? When you are exposed to such high-level good? Healing; it was immensely healing. Now my challenge is to hold that vibration, while also being a normal, everyday human being. I like to think I’m getting better at that!

Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog. I hope relaying this experience has encouraged you in some way, on your own journey. As always, stay safe and well.



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    June 22, 2023 at 3:28 pm

    This is so beautiful and as a baby kemetic pagan I’m so grateful to have found your blog, to read your experiences with the Netjeru 🙏🏽

    • Scott Rose Kemetic Blog
      Scott Rose
      June 29, 2023 at 3:16 pm

      Hi, Adam. Thank you for your kind words. Enjoy!

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