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October 2023

Deities Isis

In Your Times of Crisis Call Upon the Goddess, Isis

October 24, 2023

  Three weeks before war broke out between Israel and Hamas, I could sense the goddess, Isis was less present around the shrine dedicated to her in my study and when she was there, she was distracted, tense and disappointed about events in which she attempted to intercede but was unsuccessful. She bore the failure as a troubling personal defeat. I wanted to write a post about it;…

Community Kemetic Practice Newbies

Reader Question: Am I allowed to be into Kemetism?

October 3, 2023

  A reader question I recently received on social media highlights the moral and ethical dilemma some of us face when exploring Kemeticism (also known as, Kemetism) for the first time. Those of us from non-Egyptian and non-African backgrounds often struggle with the appropriateness of our desire to become more involved in Kemetic neo-paganism. As such, I wanted to include this reader question here, as it has become…