Welcome to Kemetic Blog. That must sound like such an incredibly original name, I know! The reason for this, however, is to make information on Kemetic spirituality as accessible as possible. Accessibility was an issue I noticed when I first began my own journey in Kemeticism, when I was met with a number of exclusive groups on Google and Youtube that were only open to part of the Kemetic community, not to all and mystery schools that you had to join. Plus, it’s also true that we live in a very algorithm-based world today. If you want to get your message out there, you have to dance to that rhythm. So I’m hopping to and in the process, hoping to present an insightful and engaging blog in the spirit of Ma’at or balance and harmony.


Kemetic Blog is dedicated to the re-emergence of ancient Egyptian or Kemetic spirituality and religion. It will explore such topics as Kemetic reconstruction and reformation, independent Kemetic and pagan lifestyles, as well as other perspectives. I’ll be honest at the outset and say, I am not an expert on the subject. I am learning and will always be. The goal is to share a journey of modern life with the Kemetic deities and to support others on the journey; those of us who hear the netjeru calling. My hope is to contribute to a sense of community for Kemetic neo-pagans, who are often solitary in their practice.


In Kemetic Blog, I plan to include commentary on what I learn, along with the sources I’ve learned from. I also plan to share first hand knowledge, experience and messages I receive. This is one difference that will perhaps set me apart from other sources of information and content on the internet: much of my spiritual life is enhanced by a direct experience of the spiritual. I would encourage other people to seek out their own direct experiences and to combine these experiences with established knowledge of Kemetic religion and spirituality. While well-researched sources of information give us a conceptual knowledge-base of Kemeticism, realise also that “We are each the key [an ankh] to a living deity,” as stated by my personal deity and guide, Isis / Ahsmet’h / Auset. The meaning here is simply that divinity lies within and once experienced, is quite profound.


Enjoy your visit and please feel free to leave any feedback you may have!