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July 2023

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Honouring Mother Mountain for Wep Ronpet: The Ancient Egyptian New Year

July 19, 2023

    Blessedly, I’m on afternoon shifts for prac this week, so I decided to move at a slightly slower pace in the mornings and allow myself to engage in some much-needed meditation in spiritual preparation for Wep Ronpet, the ancient Egyptian New Year. It’s a challenge to be here, there, and everywhere but it helps to remember we live in a world where anything is possible —…

Documentary Reviews Egyptology

Unknown: The Lost Pyramid – Netflix Documentary Review

July 14, 2023

  This review of the Netflix documentary, Unknown: The Lost Pyramid will have to be a relatively brief one, as I am currently on practicum for my nursing degree and rising to the many challenges that it entails. But as I sit here, on a Friday evening (thank the gods it’s Friday), I’m watching Unknown: The Lost Pyramid for a second time and loving it.  Unknown centres around…