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On top of the world, looking over the edge: A dream of the Great Pyramid of Giza

November 16, 2021
Great Pyramid of Giza

Great Pyramid of Giza. Image by Hajotthu via Wiki Commons.


‘I’m showing my age’ is a phrase that makes the gods and guardians chuckle. Have I used this line before? Probably! But I’m showing my age by quoting the genius of Kate Bush and the lyrics from her song Cloudbusting: On top of the world, looking over the edge. This is how I felt during a beautiful dream I had about Egypt, just last night. The dream was about the Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Cheops, known in ancient times as Akhet Khufu; Khufu’s Horizon). The Great Pyramid of Giza is somewhere I haven’t been yet in physical reality. Of course, this doesn’t stop an astute, intuitive Kemetic practitioner!

The Dream:

I approached the entrance of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid looked exactly as it does in modern times: ravaged but magnificent, radiating with energy, splendour and yes, power. I hesitate to write the word power because it’s so blunt and non-descript. But let’s say, if you approached the great pyramid — even in the dream state — you will receive a download of spiritual information, if you’re open to receive it. And it’s powerful.

In the dream, I could feel the immense power of this structure and of the place in which I was standing. I could feel the dust and the heat. I was in Egypt, in complete and utter awe. 

People were climbing the great pyramid, and I felt an urge to do so, too but I held off out of respect. There was no way I could ever do such a thing! Climb the Great Pyramid of Giza? What audacity! Then I saw scaffolding nearby, and I knew it was a way I could climb up along side the pyramid, in a way that was respectful. Were the Egyptian government making some improvements to protect and stabilise the pyramids? I wondered. That would be a good thing. 

I began to climb the scaffolding, and had climbed some distance, but still had had a way to go. I paused to rest and look around, first closely at the stones in wonder, then out upon the city of Cairo and up at the sky. I touched the sandy dust on stone. I was touching Egypt; Egypt was touching me. Boundless data was flowing from even the simplest touch. So many channels were opening and activating. The gods are alive. The Great Pyramid of Giza is alive. This whole place is alive! I could feel my eyelids flutter, as I entered into a trance. I was tuning out, yet very much tuning in.

Suddenly, a giant hand scooped me up effortlessly, as if I were a baby. The hand lifted me up to the very top of the great pyramid. Sit up here, the voice said. The voice was strong and clear, a male voice that spoke with authority and assurance. I felt a jolt of energy rush through my body, as I sat atop the Great Pyramid of Giza. On top of the world, looking over the edge. 

Something in my soul shifted and aligned; something I wish for all who love ancient Egypt to experience because at that moment, we became one. I completely understood the ancient Egyptian world-view and their relationship with the gods of old. I fail to convey it now, in the waking world, although I would have to say, that while ancient Egypt was a mighty civilisation, understanding them is not that hard. It was a simple complexity that clicked. I just knew. Everything made sense, like recalling a memory.

The air is sweet up here (I’m compelled to write that in the present-tense for some reason), and I radiated with white, undulating light. I continued looking around in wonder. It brought tears to my eyes. Why should I be given this privilege?! Eventually, the dream faded, but the memory of it did not. The same could be said of ancient Egypt.

So, was the experience a form of astral travel, or just a dream conjured up by my wishful imagination? Either way, it was a beautiful dream and my wish for all. My partner is Filipino, and he uses a saying in his native language of Tagalog, which means my wish for all: Sana all.

May the Netjeru extend this light to all of pure intent, who wish to receive it. Sana all. Dua, Netjeru!

Thank you, to my readers, for making time today for Kemetic Blog. I hope it has enriched your souls. As always, stay safe and well.



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    Scott Rose
    June 27, 2022 at 8:05 pm

    I am absolutely amazed that Kate’s song, Running Up That Hill is skyrocketing the billboards all over the globe thanks to Stranger Things. What an incredibly rare phenomenon! The song referred to in this post, Cloud Busting appeared on the same album as RUTH called, Hounds of Love. I’m just a tad impressed with myself that I mentioned Kate’s music less than a year before all the younger gens re-discovered her. I hope you’re all enjoying some ‘real music’ haha!

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