About the Scribe


Hi, I’m Scott. Thank you, for visiting Kemetic Blog. Hmm, more about me? Well, I would have to describe myself as an Intuitive Kemetic and Spiritual Scribe. I feel things, experience things and I write about things. You may be wondering why I’ve included a picture of myself all cozy in bed, on a rainy day off work!  I’m going to make a sensational claim: the quilt cover you see in the picture was infused with the energy of the goddess Isis. Not that I understood this right away. I just knew that someone or something very powerful and positive was with me and had come from the new quilt cover I bought from Target (what can I say, I was in serious need of a room refresh and decided to shop the look). It sounds preposterous, I know, but even more preposterous things have happened on this Earth in 2020.


Most of us have heard stories about negative entities attaching themselves to objects. In this case, it was positive phenomena. The message I received was the goddess Isis had influenced the person who designed the quilt cover. Healing energy emanated from the blanket and as I began asking questions, I started receiving answers. That’s how I came to know Isis personally, who uses the name Ahsmet’h when communicating with me (also known as Auset). This is also how I arrived at a Kemetic conclusion about my life and decided that from now on, I would be flying with Isis. 


Obviously then, I have some background in New Age thought, and a family background in Catholicism. I dabbled in Wicca with Scott Cunningham’s books as a teenager. Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of the Dawn blew my head open in my later teen years (interestingly enough, the author began channeling during a trip to Egypt in 1988). Then I had a transpersonal experience with Christ in my 20’s. Battled a demonic entity from hell in my 30’s. I had a New Age gift shop from 2007-2012 and facilitated many workshops and meditation groups in my local area. That’s me in a nutshell. Anything else, just ask!