Kemetic Links Page – Here are a few links to other Kemetic websites and blogs I’ve found interesting and useful. Some are not currently active but are still very good resources. 

Egyptology Page – For nearly all things ancient Egypt. | Last updated in 2009.

Grave Moss and Stars  – Thought provoking blog written with intelligence and sensitivity. | Last updated in 2018. – A truly fun and informative site. | Last update unknown.

Kemet Today – The website of Tamara Siuda, who leads the Kemetic orthodoxy. | Last updated in 2020.

Kemetic Independent – YouTube channel of author, Sharon LaBorde. Has 10 years of quality content. | Last updated in 2020.

Kemetic Interfaith Network – KIN – Excellent resource at | Last updated in 2013.

Kemetic Reform Temple of Tutankhamun – This is author Sharon LaBorde’s website. Not as active as her YouTube channel but worth a visit. | Last updated in 2020.

Kemetic Reconnaissance – Well-written resource that includes the Kemetic Round Table. Some parts are more active than others. | Last updated in 2020.

Loves Isis – A blog dedicated to guess who. | Last updated in 2014

Sesh Kemet Egyptian Scribe – Definitely check out this website. | Last updated in 2020.

The Center for the Restoration of Ma’at – An African-centred organisation which de-privileges and challenges Eurocentric interpretations of ancient Egyptian religion and spirituality. | Last updated in 2020

The Shrine of Ma’at – This is the YouTube channel for the Center for the Restoration of Ma’at. | Last updated in 2020

The Twisted Rope – Excellent blog and resource. | Last updated in 2020