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April 2021

Kemetic Practice

Do any modern Egyptians practice Kemetic Paganism, or ancient Egyptian religion?

April 27, 2021

A thought popped into my mind, while reading part one of Profane Egyptologists (as Paul Harrison muses about whether or not the Egyptological community and modern Egyptians alike would accept non-Egyptian Kemetics as legitimate practitioners of ancient Egyptian religion). Then it struck me again, while watching the Pharaoh’s Golden Parade of royal mummies to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization — Do any modern Egyptians practice Kemetic Paganism or…

Mummies Spiritual Guardians

When you have faith, we have faith: Meeting and working with Queen Tiye, the Elder Lady

April 4, 2021

  Usually I’m not one to complain but gosh, I’ve been through so much personal crap this year! The horrific ending of one relationship and the amazing start of another. Too many shifts at work then not enough. There was the death of a cousin I recently reconnected with. Now I’m planning a move, after living at my current residence for many years. Then of course, there’s uni,…