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Addressing Hate Mail Directed at Kemetic Blog

June 28, 2022

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Gosh, I came here to check on things and work on a post and now I have hate mail to deal with. I should warn you, it’s not pretty. 

I’m thinking this calls for a cup of hot cocoa to defrost my caucasian, homosexual toes (we’re in winter in the Southern Hemisphere) then let’s process this and be done with it, as quickly as possible. I suppose I should also post a Trigger Warning to readers who may find this post confronting. I’m writing it as a one-off response to racism and homophobia in Kemeticism, which in this day and age, is absolutely ridiculous.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that when another human being acts in an inhumane manner, while they’re trying to dehumanise a selected target, they’re really dehumanising themselves. They’re giving up a piece of their own humanity to do what they’re doing, or rather, trying to do. I reflected briefly on whether I should invest any time in responding to this piece of hate mail or simply report and delete it. Reporting and deleting it would be what most people would do but I’m not most people. Plus, I’ve never covered the topic of hate mail at Kemetic Blog before, mainly because until now, I’ve never received any hate mail this hateful. Here is the comment I received:


Hate Mail at Kemetic Blog

As per the privacy policy, hate mail may be displayed publicly at the webmaster’s discretion.


“So you’re a Caucasian Homosexual who finds it necessary to colonize AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY just as you [sic] ancestors have done with everything else on earth! You people have absolutely no boundaries!!! Throw the entire blog away along with your entire existence.”


Let’s depersonalise this by taking the person out of the equation — since we seem to be omitting personhood — and analyse the situation. First of all, it’s incredibly sad we have this kind of hate in the Kemetic community. That’s assuming the commentator is an actual, practising Kemetic. Where is the spirit of Ma’at in this kind of diatribe? These are the sorts of issues I muse over; how different the community would be, and how different the whole world could be if we just respected one another’s differences. Why is that so hard for some people?


Hate mail aside, let’s look at the energy dynamics of what’s actually occurring and the consequences of hate-consciousness, which has the potential to undermine everything we as Kemetics are wanting to achieve.

From my experience, the netjeru are attracted to work with certain people because of their energy. Remember, these are ancient and evolved beings who are made of energy, who sustain themselves from energy. What kind of energy do you think the netjeru are going to be attracted to? What kind of vibration are they going to want to work with and sustain themselves with? I would’ve thought the answers to these questions were obvious, and they have very much to do with the vibration of love — not hate. 

I’ve already explained how and why I became a Kemetic practitioner elsewhere in this blog, and I don’t feel the need to justify myself to anyone. Nor will I make it a habit to entertain this toxic level of ignorance in the future. What I will say, is the netjeru are working with me because they have chosen to do so, and I’m a Kemetic practitioner today because I have chosen to accept the netjeru into my life and pursue Kemetic paganism as a life path. We’re not merely ships passing in the night.

It amazed me how humble these beings were when they first appeared to me, I wish I could convey it… it was like seeing priceless, golden hands working to make the world a better place, but working as if they weren’t afraid to get their golden hands dirty. They had zero ego and 1,000% integrity. Nothing was beneath them, no task was unworthy of them. They helped everyone. They touched the core of my being! The colour of my skin, my sexual orientation, or where my ancestors had originated from was never once an issue with any of the netjeru, or the ancient Egyptian guardians and guides I’ve worked with. Even Set brought me offerings, which is a complex story, I have yet to write about.

It’s become apparent to me, that a lot of people don’t see the ancient Egyptian deities the way I see them; and I think that’s what scares some people. Perhaps I’m a threat to their ideology and it pisses them off. Well, I’m doing what I’m doing, and if you don’t like it, too bad. This is my response to any and all hate mail directed at Kemetic Blog. As for the afro-centrist view of Kemeticism, I’ve already stated my support for this path that celebrates the intimate, geographical relationship Egypt shares with the rest of Africa and its people, and the healthy alternative it poses to an exclusively euro-centric point of view in the field of Egyptology. I’ve seen no satisfactory evidence of ancient Egyptian religion belonging to the African diaspora religions, (we can also debunk similar claims to lineage made by euro-centric or New Age mystery schools). Modern Kemeticism is just that, a modern phenomenon, open to all.

Racial and other forms of discrimination among Kemetics are a weak, cowardly, and impotent series of social constructs at best, nothing more. Ancient Egypt and its deities belong to no single group of people. They belong to themselves. Anyone who believes they own the netjeru or can maintain some form of intellectual property rights to ancient Egyptian religion by default is foolish. Not even modern Egyptians themselves own ancient Egypt; they are the custodians of the historical record and of recovered artefacts. Kemetic practitioners are — or are supposed to be — the custodians of ancient Egyptian spiritual consciousness. Know the nature of the consciousness you carry. Understand the nature of the netjer is to nurture. Remember who you really are as a loving, creative essence. Please don’t approach me with this kind of hate at my own website and expect me to remain a silent victim.



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    August 7, 2022 at 5:58 pm

    it sucks because this person could’ve started a dialogue about white people in kemeticism claiming blackness courtesy of their spiritual path, but decided to tell you to bugger off nastily. hope youre doing well! a

    • Scott Rose Kemetic Blog
      Scott Rose
      August 7, 2022 at 6:51 pm

      Hi, Asetdevotee

      It totally sucks, I agree. Why fragment further an already small and scattered community? It hit me in the pit of my stomach at the time but it’s his stuff, not mine. Yes, I’m doing well thanks, hope you are too and thank you for your comment.

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    August 22, 2022 at 1:01 am

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    August 22, 2022 at 7:53 am

    I can understand why this would be hurtful and as a white woman who has felt called by Nut, I don’t think you are doing harm by practicing your faith and I appreciate you sharing your journey. But I urge you to understand the very justified fear of white people speaking in black spaces, and to understand why Kemetic faith may be seen as a black space. This person is likely only seeking to defend their heritage, which apart from the words he used, is an admirable thing. Perhaps there is room for us to hear and acknowledge his concerns.

    You should never ever throw away your faith or existence and I’m sorry he said that to you, it wasn’t ok

    • Scott Rose Kemetic Blog
      Scott Rose
      August 24, 2022 at 8:36 pm

      Hi Amanda,

      I appreciate your comments. A discussion on the appropriateness of caucasians practising Kemeticism and perhaps any person of non African heritage, would be welcome. Is it ethical, or is it yet another form of cultural appropriation, why are we trespassing in perceived black spaces? I’m still willing to do my best to maintain a safe space for people in such discussions at Kemetic Blog. Honouring each other’s safety as human beings is something I think each of us should be doing in order to promote healing and Ma’at on the planet, which is very needed.

      In hindsight, I never should have given so much acknowledgement to comments that can detract from the validity of the Afrocentric point of view, because doing so was a disservice. That was never my intention. I’m now looking beyond the fact that, “poor me, I was attacked” and looking at the bigger picture, which includes the needs of the whole community.

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    August 29, 2022 at 8:21 am

    You’re a good dude

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