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The Claw of Sekhmet

November 24, 2022
The Claw of Skehmet

A personal ritual tool I call, “The Claw of Sekhmet.” Made by Robin Smith at AgedSilver. Image ©Scott Rose


The Claw of Sekhmet is a personal ritual tool I’d like to share with readers this Thanksgiving, as an example of how to use your own intuitive abilities and investigative skills when searching for ritual tools, and other sacred objects to include in your practice. 

When you feel the need to start searching for the right tools to have in your magical arsenal, know these tools are already searching for you. That’s because such objects are imbued with vital life force energy, which is endowed with its own innate consciousness and intelligence (this insight or belief is called animism). The right tools will always present themselves to you at the right time. Ritual tools and sacred objects serve as a link to foster a greater connection between humanity and the divine. The desire for a greater connection between humanity and the divine, between the divine and humanity, is a Mutual One.

This is what’s so beautiful about pagan spirituality and Kemetic spirituality, in particular. The netjeru, or ancient Egyptian deities, along with AE spiritual guides and guardians have remained close to humanity and close to Earth (or, Geb) out of their desire to assist in our evolution. The netjeru have continued to assist humanity for thousands of years, even after the conclusion of ancient Egyptian civilisation. These beings love all life on “Project Earth” and have a vested interest in our success as stewards of this planet.

I received a request ages ago from a regal reader, Amanda to share what I know about the goddess, Sekhmet. Rather than regurgitate information from the historical record, which has already been documented and presented by scholars and Egyptologists elsewhere, I’m going to instead, share what I know about Lady Sekhmet. I am also going to do so relatively briefly, since my last post was well and truly a novelette in its own right, and I am now trying to play catch-up with the entire blog! That means, I acknowledge the fact I am not an Egyptologist myself but rather, I am an intuitive Kemetic practitioner. What I share, and what I hope we all share as Kemetics, is a lived experience of the modern revival of ancient Egyptian religion. We take what we’ve learned about ancient Egypt, and we blast off with it. I would absolutely love it if Egyptologists would learn from us and our lived experience and blast off with that! If we could achieve such a thing, I think something very exciting would happen.

The Claw of Sekhmet was a serendipitous discovery for me, like so many things that have come into my life and for that, I am thankful!

All I knew at the time was that I needed to search for an athame of some sort, which initially made me hesitate, fearing criticism for blending elements of Wicca with Kemetic practice. My intuition insisted, don’t worry about that, just search for an athame. See what’s out there. Had I given into fear, I never would have happened upon the Claw of Sekhmet and life would be much duller as a result. Always listen to yourself and listen to what you know!

The goddess Sekhmet, in my own Subjective Mystical Experience, has many different aspects just like many other goddesses. She is a powerful warrior, healer and protector. Known in ancient Egypt as a goddess of war, this is a lady who also understands peace. While meditating in preparation for this post, the message I was given was this:


World peace is inevitable; such peace will come. Let us hope it is because we have achieved world peace and not because we have wiped each other out.


This message was not meant to be negative but rather, to serve as a sobering warning. It also matches Sekhmet’s intensity, who reminds us that in the physical world especially, even the gods have their limitations. They are however, always here to help and to guide. The moment I pick up the Claw of Sekhmet and invoke her name, she rushes forth like a warm breeze on a hot summer day, bathed in a golden light.

“What do you need?” She asks me, with an air of seriousness. I proceed to share my concerns and we get to work. I usually invoke lady Sekhmet for clearing and protection, especially if I sense Isis is away from her office (i.e. her shrine in my house), which she sometimes does. Sometimes a deity will call upon all or many of their aspects in various corners of the world to come together, to achieve a specific goal or need. All hands on deck! When this happens, I simply honour them and let them go. The netjeru always come back.

I never use the Claw of Sekhmet in an aggressive manner; I use it as an athame. Vital life force energy issues forth from the claw and I am allowed to direct this energy by drawing symbols, such as ankhs in rooms for space clearing and protection, or for creating ritual space. Rather than casting a circle, I draw a pyramid in the air, large enough to encompass the room I am in. This effectively creates a pyramid-temple on an energetic level, in which to do ritual work. The results have been very powerful. On the odd occasion, I have used the claw a couple times in psychic self-defence, against negative entities but I prefer that the blade not touch such entities because I see it as an affront to the goddess. Essentially, sticking the blade of an athame into a negative entity is worse, on many levels, than sticking it in dog poo! Only use it for such purposes if you really need to. I think of an athame not as a knife, but more so like a magic wand and shield.

Looking at the Claw of Sekhmet as a physical object forged from bronze and rowan wood, obviously it was made with the intention of representing lunar energy and the crescent moon. As soon as I saw this piece, I saw Sekhmet’s face leap out at me from the handle, I felt solar energy and it became apparent that the crescent was a claw! I didn’t care how much it cost, that athame was going to be on the next flight to Sydney! (Thank goodness for payment plans). Any investment you can afford to make in acquiring quality ritual tools is well worth it, and worth the wait. When not in use, the Claw of Sekhmet has its own special place on my Kemetic altar and shrine. I often sense the claw is busy at work on the non-physical plane and I’m totally cool with it. This piece has a life of its own, as do all ritual tools and sacred objects.

Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog and the Claw of Sekhmet. Lady Sekhmet is a great mentor for those who are drawn to the way of the warrior. If you feel connected to this goddess, dedicate a tool of your own to her and ask her to bless your object(s). It will enhance your working relationship with this great lady.



:: Acknowledgement of African Origin The author of Kemetic Blog acknowledges and respects the African ancestral origins of ancient Egypt, and recognises the practice of Kemetic paganism as a modern reflection of Traditional African Religion. ::


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    December 21, 2022 at 10:39 pm

    Thanks for this post! I’m slowly getting to know Her better. I appreciate your perspective

    • Scott Rose Kemetic Blog
      Scott Rose
      December 22, 2022 at 5:29 am

      You’re welcome! Sekhmet has a huge following among Kemetics, you’re sure to find many perspectives. I love seeing people’s shines, poetry and other forms of devotion among various Facebook groups, etc.

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