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Raising the Dawn: My Past Life with Khepri Ra

July 6, 2022


Raising Kephri-Ra

Image by Mohamed Hassan via Pixabay 


My Past Life with Khepri Ra was for many years, a partial memory of being in a distant place quite a long time ago, but it was a memory I held close to my heart because of the spiritual growth I experienced there. 

The memory was mysterious and strange, but somehow very familiar. I couldn’t recall much more than holding my hands close together near the base of the palms each morning, cradling the sun as it rose in the sky, and feeling a tremendous sense of connection and peace. The closest approximation I can give, regarding what we called this ritual was raising the dawn, raising up the infant sun. 

I knew I’d lived in ancient, or even pre-historic Egypt in a past life. I didn’t know how I knew that, I just knew. It wasn’t until later, in my current lifetime, when the stress and pressure of uni stirred up a spontaneous series of visions, that a more complete picture of the past burst forth from my psyche.

Anthropological literature tells us of the physical and psychological ordeals Shamans wilfully endure, in order to shift their consciousness and perceive beyond objective reality (a couple modern examples include the 2014 article, Contemporary Paganism and the Psychology of Ordeal by Galena Krasskova also the 2013 blog post, A Modern Day Ordeal by Lupa at Therioshamanism). It might sound funny, but I believe a similar phenomenon occurred to me as a uni student. No drugs required!

When the visions began, I was standing in a stone chamber with a flame burning at the centre. This, apparently, was the Temple of my Soul. Hieroglyphics covered the walls. I couldn’t read them but my collective soul could, and the words were activating a series of stories and pictures in my mind. Suddenly, I was reviewing information that was unknown to me, yet somehow, I had known all along. Yes, I was there. I remember; I saw myself raising the dawn once or twice before, many years ago, long before I converted to Kemetic paganism in this life, but I shelved the memory for some reason. Perhaps I wasn’t ready fully integrate my past life with Khepri Ra, but why? The wall of words in the Temple of my Soul faded, and a past life was revealed.


My past life with Khepri Ra was a long time ago. Before the pyramids were built and quite possibly, before the unification of upper and lower Egypt.

The location I lived in was still an organised civilisation, albeit more simplistic. Our economy was mostly self-sufficient and was built upon agriculture and a little bit of trade with neighbouring clans. We had an established religion that revolved around a sun god and cow goddess, and my clan appeared to specialise in worshipping the sun god. Perhaps we were known as the People of the Sun. I can’t exactly recall what name we referred to ourselves as, and I don’t want to over-romanticise or insert false memories. I want to keep these recollections as real as possible.

I believe I lived in a time that was on the cusp between Pre-historic and ancient Egypt, and it was a truly beautiful, magnificent place. At the risk of offending someone today, none of which is intended, a dried out husk is all that remains of old Egypt, compared to what it once was. A green paradise teeming with life is what Egypt was — an incredibly beautiful place.


Wheat field sun

Image by kangbch via Pixabay 


Everyone had a specific role, with specific jobs to perform and these were more or less for life. I was a worker, and toiled in endless fields of grasses up and down the river, which produced grain for the clan. Was it wheat I grew? That I don’t know for certain, but I loved being out there. Each morning, we would greet the dawn by holding our wrists and hands together near the base of the palms, and cradle the sun in a sacred ceremony. We would pray to and emulate Khepri Ra. The ultimate mystery, which might occur for some people, involved becoming Khepri Ra himself during a ceremony. Duality, or one’s individuality, would fade away, and one could realise that they were indeed, Khepri Ra themselves, rolling the sun across the sky. Did this revelation ever occur for me? Later, I would recall in more detail, how far my spiritual development progressed in that life due to circumstances that unfolded. I remember being a very obedient, honest person. I was also an introvert with an inner sense of wonder, just as I am today. This is a tie that binds, a common thread which makes our communication possible.

Morning was my favourite time, because the day was fresh and full of possibility. I did a lot of chores and was a hard worker, but it was mostly others who benefitted from my labour. Today, we benefit much more from our labour than we might think. I was only allowed to eat some of the food I had helped to grow, I could not barter with it or use it to advance myself in any way. I was a peasant, or could even be considered a slave by some. I was allocated the goods I needed by someone else stationed above me. This was simply how our civilisation worked. We knew no other way. 

My life was hard, but most of the time, I was happy. I had a light and hopeful heart. There wasn’t as much stigma about being a peasant or slave back then as there is today. I loved being outside, and hearing the wind whispering in the grass. I was completely detached from the trappings of the upper classes, with little need for material things. In that sense, I was incredibly free and happy, while they were the ones enslaved. What a marvellous sense of irony I had! That was just one of my many secrets. I held other secrets in the grass. Some of them good, some not so good.

I was a female in my past life with Khepri Ra. Unfortunately, I must post a trigger warning here. At least once, I was brutally attacked — and raped —  by men of a higher social status. The fields of paradise that I ran and played in as a child, and tended as a young adult were turned into a travesty. This is why we can’t go back completely to the old ways of ancient Egypt. Some of what happened there would be unethical and unacceptable by today’s standards. What we can do, is borrow from the best of ancient Egypt, of which, there is plenty.

After the rape, they left me lying there, in a field, and I remember not knowing what to do. I don’t think I died, but it felt like dying. It was a symbolic death — this ordeal — that forced me to draw on inner spiritual reserves in order to survive. The men had laughed, goading each other, not taking anything seriously, yet taking whatever they wanted. They didn’t know it, but in their selfishness, they served me because I had to become more than a helpless peasant girl to overcome what they did, and in so doing, I accessed something they never could. A knowledge that was mine alone. I had always been spiritually inclined, yet in healing from this trauma experience, I opened my inner eyes and knowledge of the great mysteries, which elude us in the everyday world, became known to me.


Khepri Ra scarab beetle

Image by FDRMRZUSA via Wikipedia


Sometime during or after my past life with Khepri Ra, my understanding of existence was this:

“You may think your life is lowly but it is not. Others may think you are lowly, but you are not. Look at the dung beetle, rolling a ball of dung up a hill to hatch its young. That’s like us, toiling away, raising our young. The dung-beetle seems lowly, but it is not. For he is the same beetle who rolls the sun across the sky each day. The dung beetle and the sacred scarab are one. The beetle who rolls dung, also rolled the sun, the earth, the moon and the stars into existence. He is in all things, as are we. The dung beetle is the god, Khepri Ra in his most humble of forms. He rolls celestial bodies across the sky, at precisely the same time as he is rolling dung. We are slumbering gods in human form. One can awaken and raise the dawn.” 

Whether this was my own personal gnosis, the culture of my clan back then, or a blend of both, I honestly don’t know. But the message from the soul of my past life, who I am calling A-mi-Ra (or more simply, A-Ra) also teaches, “You are creator. All things are one. There is no separation between us. Love all as you love yourself for all is self and all is love. We are one, we are many, through oceans, rivers and sands of time and in many instances, both exquisitely beautiful and grotesquely ugly. Choose wisely, my friends! For your choice defines you. Things that may happen to you in your life do not define you, but your choices will and this impacts your evolution, and your ability to access the truth of who you really are. Choice is simple, and choice is key.”

Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog. I hope you enjoyed the recollections of my past life with Khepri Ra. Please note, what I’ve presented here are my best recollections. I don’t know the exact time, the exact location, or if the people of the time period actually called the sun god Khepri Ra, this is the best approximation available to me. The point is, while completely based on my own Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG), I would argue this story is a Subjective Mystical Experience and Encounter (SMEEs is a term I’ve proposed as an alternative to UPG) and should be considered at face value, if we choose to consider the story at all.

Once again, thank you for your company. Be safe and well!




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    Colin Peacock
    July 13, 2022 at 8:54 am

    Thanks for sharing your journey in this blog! I find it very interesting.. I am just learning about Kemetic practice today after a very intense dream I had the other night. I had an experience like you described here:

    “When the visions began, I was standing in a stone chamber with a flame burning at the centre. This, apparently, was the Temple of my Soul. Hieroglyphics covered the walls.”

    Although in mine I touched the flame which was on an altar under a statue of Amon, and then hieroglyphs were burned into my arms and chest.

    It was a very charged experience. I had never heard of Kemet before and woke up with the word in my mind. Now I am just trying to find out what to do with this information..

    • Reply
      Scott Rose
      July 13, 2022 at 10:44 am

      Hi Colin,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your very powerful dream. The ancient Egyptian deities (or netjeru, which is what we think they were called in AE) seem to reveal themselves and work with people quite often through dreams and visions. These meetings tend to leave a lasting impression on the people whose lives they’ve touched, who then begin their own research into ancient Egyptian religion and spirituality.

      My recommendation would be to read far and wide to build an objective knowledge base, while continuing to honour your own subjective mystical experiences. That should give you a solid grounding on this path, should you choose to pursue it further.

      As for what to do with the information you were given, I’d suggest a simple ritual of burning a candle and some incense (maybe even some food or drink offerings). Speak out loud and offer it up to Amon, and acknowledge the symbols were received. Ask for signs and further guidance about how to work with these symbols. Just sit and commune for a while. Going on the information from your dream, Amon is already around you and shouldn’t be too hard to reach. You may or may not ‘get’ anything right away, just be patient as your intuition develops further. Sounds like you’re already off to a great start. Good luck!

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