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My new laptop is a ritual tool and offering to the gods

October 30, 2021
Offering to the gods Kemetic

Image: © Scott Rose / Kemetic Blog – All Rights Reserved.


It may sound odd, quirky and eccentric to some that my new laptop has become a ritual tool and offering to the gods, which now takes its place among my other ritual tools before the altar and shrine. It all happened rather spontaneously and as with all aspects of my Kemetic practice, I allowed the netjeru to guide the process.

The old laptop in which I began scribing Kemetic Blog has started to show signs of deterioration. The monitor is going grey and grainy and so, not that I enjoy splurging (who, me?) I’ve decided to invest in a new laptop before I lose any access to vital information. I’m now the proud owner of a Microsoft Surface 4 laptop — in sandstone! The interesting thing is, I’m kinda not the owner at all. Aset / Isis is. I realised that right away. This new laptop is an instrument, a ritual tool in and of itself that serves a very specific purpose: serving the gods. The laptop itself is an offering to the gods.

In the morning, I awake and boot up the laptop, then set it before my Kemetic altar and shrine. I play music as an offering to Isis and the other netjeru. I then login to Kemetic Blog and check out what’s going on behind the scenes. Then I visit the blog itself and leave the main page open as the music continues. This is my new daily routine and offering to the gods. I can feel their energy pour in through the altar, connecting with the laptop; literally, ancient Egypt and its gods are online! I don’t say much, I simply perform these ritual actions. The intuitive feedback I receive from the netjeru guides the process. 

If I close my eyes, I can see hieroglyphs made of light, flowing in many directions, including into myself and the laptop. The hieroglyphs give my body myocloni, involuntary little muscle jerks as the information is taken in and integrated. If I relax further into meditation, my eyelids flutter, which I feel is a perfectly healthy and normal sign for me, that I’m entering into a higher state of consciousness and brainwave pattern (although you should seek medical advice if concerned about your own situation).

The experience is thoroughly ehffing awesome and I feel so incredibly privileged to be having these and so many other experiences in this life serving the netjeru. Just sit with them, just be! They’re here for all of us, who call out to them and create a space for them in our lives, those of us who open our hearts and minds and extend that energy. They are always extending themselves to us. And they reveal themselves in many ways. Just make a humble offering to the gods and spend time with them, it’s so incredibly simple.


Offering to the gods Kemetic

Image: © Scott Rose / Kemetic Blog – All Rights Reserved.


As so often in the past, I can feel I’m only scratching the surface of what these perceptions and Subjective Mystical Experiences and Encounters (SMEEs) could be. What would my life be — what could I achieve with the netjeru — if I wasn’t working full time and studying part time and dealing with the accompanying stress, then shifting gears — and not getting PTSD from my career — then only opening-up my spiritual channels in my spare time? Alas! I certainly wouldn’t have this new laptop if I wasn’t working, that’s for sure. So I put up with the bucking bronco of this modern life with the faith that someday, everything will balance out.

And that’s the crux of a modern relationship with the netjeru. This is a challenge we each face and we respond in our best way. We live in a society largely devoid of spirituality and almost completely devoid of mysticism. There’s little or no place for what we as pagans do. If it’s not contributing to someone else’s dividend, what use is it? As for religion, there are those who would like to see it classified as a mental illness. As for the likes of me, I could be seen as nothing more than a magical thinker, stuck in my own fantasy land. Who knows, maybe even a high-functioning schizophrenic or epileptic? What you believe is up to you — and none of my business.


I’ll just be here, making my offering to the gods, until the sun comes up and Ra’s light fills the sky. There’s still so much to be grateful for! Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog. As always, stay safe and well.


Dua, Aset!

Hail, Isis!


Offering to the gods Kemetic

Image: © Scott Rose / Kemetic Blog – All Rights Reserved.



©  Scott Rose / Kemetic Blog – All Rights Reserved.  

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