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Kemetic Impressions of Tutankhamun: Video Version

September 13, 2020

The original post for Kemetic Impressions of Tutankhamun weighs in at nearly 3,000 words. As such, I thought readers and viewers might enjoy a video version of the post for those who want to relax and listen, instead of trudging through such a big post. Either way, Tutankhamun is well-worth the effort.

The video is nothing fancy. I don’t necessarily look my best; I’m often wiped out from work or uni, or both so what you see is pretty much what you get! Kemetics don’t strike me as particularly shallow people, anyway. At the moment, I’m not overly concerned with video quality. Maybe in the future that will change. 

Kemetic Impressions of Tutankhamun is a personal account of how I met and began working with not only ancient Egypt’s best known pharaoh, I consider him a deity as well. In today’s culture, Tutankhamun is often represented by a golden funerary mask, which history tells us was not originally made for him. Behind the golden mask is a selfless soul, who reveals himself to those who are sincere of heart.

This is also a story about valuing your own subjective experiences, as doing so will develop your psychic muscle by honing your intuition. I don’t often use words like psychic, to avoid stigmatisation. Here, I use it to relay meaning, as it pertains to us in the context of Kemeticism. Simply put, psychic perception relays communication and information from non-physical realities, in which the netjeru dwell. 

In any religion, we worship a non-physical god or gods. It would be counterintuitive then, to ignore non-physical realities and messages from our gods. Again, it’s a purely subjective domain and I think we need to examine the value we place on our stories. We might benefit from saying, okay, this is a psychic experience that I had, or someone else had, what can I take from this story?

If you’re new to this path, your own abilities can be developed starting with simple steps, such as meditation. In my own opinion, this is an essential part of Kemetic practice, or any spiritual practice. Otherwise, we are only getting half the story. This is why I encourage everyone to seek their own direct mystical experiences with the divine and combine that with a solid, conceptual knowledge base of Kemetic practice.

Hope you enjoy the video, take what you can from it, if it contributes to your growth. If not that’s okay, just be nice about it! Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog and Kemetic Impressions of Tutankhamun: Video Version. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Have a great week!

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