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The Kemetic Cookie Co: An Offbeat Review of Sharon LaBorde’s Live Kemetic Reform Service on YouTube

October 18, 2020
Fortune cookie

Image by Hannah Edgman via Pixabay.


The Kemetic Cookie Co is not a real enterprise but wouldn’t it be nice if it was? I had a flash of inspiration for it during Sharon LaBorde’s live Kemetic Reform service on YouTube, which I’ll talk more about in a sec; I’m on a roll with these cookies here. We could reinvent the fortune cookie with a Kemetic spin and that could be the start of The Kemetic Cookie Co. Someone else at the service suggested we could make cute little mummy cookies as well, which would be perfect for Halloween. Yummy Mummy. I’m just being silly, of course. It’s good to be humorous and light-hearted at times, lest today our hearts be weighed against a feather!

Since I started my journey in Kemeticism, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend author Sharon LaBorde’s live Kemetic Reform service on YouTube, which takes place Friday nights @ 8:30 pm CST in the United States via Sharon’s Kemetic Independent Channel. In my part of the world, that’s Saturday mornings @ 11:30 am AEST in Australia. At the moment, that time just so happens to work really well for a lot of people around the globe, including yours truly! 



There’s a growing sense of community developing at the service. This is incredibly important because it gives validation and vitality to the path we’ve chosen. Not to mention that it gives us a space to worship our netjeru with like minds. It really is a unique opportunity for Kemetic neo-pagans. Plus, Sharon is amazing and we really benefit so much from her knowledge and experience. It’s a chance to be part of a proper, Kemetic neo-pagan ritual, which is very down to earth and not culty in the slightest sense. In fact, we’ve gotten so chatty in the chat box that we’ve almost distracted Sharon and ourselves from the actual service. At the moment, plans are underway to set up a space just to hang out and chat, hold Q and A’s and socialise with other Kemetic practitioners because most of us don’t really get a chance to do that anywhere else, or rarely so.

One very cute and practical element to Sharon’s service, which I find quirky and endearing, is that for the divination, she uses fortune cookies! Believe it or not, the fortune cookies often make sense and correspond very well with the questions asked, or they link in well with current events happening within the group or in the world. Who knew! So that’s where I got The Kemetic Cookie Co idea from; I stand by my assertion that it would be a highly profitable venture, bringing insight to Kemetic neo-pagans everywhere and if one of us wins the lottery, we must set up this company without delay.



Alright, that’s enough silliness for now, I suppose! Hope you enjoyed this review of The Kemetic Cookie Co, err Sharon LaBorde’s live Kemetic Reform service on YouTube. It’s back to uni assignments for me (uni is driving me cray cray, if you haven’t noticed). I cannot wait for this semester to be over! I’ve decided to take the optional third semester off this year, to focus on reading and continuing to build my knowledge-base of Kemeticism and to keep beefing up this blog. I’m aiming for page one on Google. You can help me get there by sharing this post, liking and subscribing to my own channel on YouTube. Plus, of course, be sure to check out Sharon’s live service, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. Stay safe and well, everyone! Have an excellent week.


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