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Discussion on Kemetic Altars and Shrines

August 30, 2020

In this video, I discuss Kemetic altars and shrines a bit further from a beginner’s perspective. My hope is to compliment experienced practitioners and encourage the newbies as well. The point is, if you are a new practitioner like me, there’s no need to rush out and buy a bunch of Egyptian stuff to get started. You can get started right now. You and your relationship with the netjeru are the most important ingredients you need for success, which you already have.

When I was first getting started, I lit a couple candles, offered a piece of fresh fruit and addressed the netjeru with a few informal words of thanks. The response was powerful! As you continue on your path, the right tools will come to you, which is a really fun and exciting process. These pieces will enhance your Kemetic altar and shrine, as well as your practice but in truth, they’re just bonuses.

Simple Kemetic Altar and Shrine

My very simple and informal Kemetic altar and shrine before acquiring any statues or specialised tools.


Never judge your value as a Kemetic practitioner according to how many ritual resources you own; rather, these are things you will accumulate with time. Your Kemetic altar and shrine is a sacred space created through your intention. 

Knowledge is the most important place to start, as it will inform your practice.

A good book, a candle, sea salt or natron and the sincerity in your heart are all you really need to get started. As for the more advanced practitioners, you guys rock! Your Kemetic altars and shrines are incredibly inspiring to us newbies and I love hearing your stories about how you got started and what each piece means to you. Please feel free to join the discussion either here or on Youtube.

Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog. We’re one month into the journey and yet, we’ve barely begun! Next month, I plan to start sharing more about the spiritual impressions I receive; I just wanted to make sure these stories are balanced with practical information as well. Hope everyone is keeping safe. Take care!  

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