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Embracing and Working with the Full Moon on Halloween 2020

October 30, 2020
Full Moon Kemetic Halloween

Image by Denis O’ Sullivan via Pixabay 


Nobody panic: we’re having a full moon on Halloween this year. It’s also a blue moon, as it’s the second full moon to occur within a single month. According to Farmer’s Almanac, the occurrence of a full blue moon on Halloween only happens once every 19 years and will not be seen again until 2039, 2058, 2077, and 2096 during this century. As a side note, any full moon on Halloween would also be a blue moon, as each lunar cycle only lasts 29.5 days. I almost forgot, we’re also having 13 full moons this year! None of this is surprising, considering everything that’s happened in 2020. However, let’s not discount the positives.

While it sounds grim, it really depends on your outlook. A full moon on Halloween is something we can choose to fear as a sign of impending doom, or embrace it as a rare celestial event and opportunity to attune with massive volumes of lunar energy. The moon is certainly nothing to fear or throw rocks at. In fact,  scientists at NASA tell us that life on Earth would not exist as we know it, without our moon’s stabilising influence on the planet’s wobble and thus, the climate. We need all the climate stabilisation we can get.

From a Kemetic perspective, this is a perfect time to work with lunar deities such as Khonsu and Thoth / Djehuty and to be open to the mysteries they represent. This Halloween, I plan to make offerings to the netjeru in a simple, solitary ritual. If you’re more of a group person, look around and you just might find a pagan multi-faith event for Samhain in your local area (or Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere). At the very least, I’ll be sticking crystals under the moon and making moon water and I can’t wait!

Initially, I was going to post a Halloween special with a few scary stories that would satisfy our social expectations of what Halloween is supposed to be. Then I realised that would be a disservice. While those stories have their value (and I will get to those stories) there’s something quite significant happening in the world right now, something we don’t want to miss. It’s time to come full circle, I think, with what’s been scaring us as a society. At the moment, I’m just sitting with that darkness; feeling, listening, observing.

The full moon is a time when our unconscious comes closer to the surface and Halloween is a time when the veil is much thinner and mysteries are more readily revealed. We have an opportunity to become more conscious of what was previously unconscious. That’s how I’m looking at the full moon on Halloween 2020. This is an opportunity to shed light on what was once shrouded in darkness, if we ourselves choose to receive the light. This is a time to widen our definition of reality, then decide how we want to move forward. To do that, we have to be willing to look at what’s there, and that can be a scary process. We may end up feeling vulnerable and exposed but if we work through it, we can reach new levels of wholeness. 

Before I go, the energy of a rainbow moonstone pendant I have as an offering to Thoth is sending a message: “… for readers to tune into the moon bow rays for enlightenment and protection during the process of working with darkness and Isfet, for the purposes of greater light and the presence of Ma’at in the world. You are not alone on your journey.”

Perhaps we are moving toward a new, Kemetic construction of Halloween. What are other Kemetic neo-pagans doing for Halloween, I wonder?

Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog! Hope everyone is staying safe and well. Have a Happy Halloween! You can now follow me on twitter @kemetictweets.



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