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When you have faith, we have faith: Meeting and working with Queen Tiye, the Elder Lady

April 4, 2021
Queen Tiye, the elder lady

Queen Tiye, image in public domain.


Usually I’m not one to complain but gosh, I’ve been through so much personal crap this year! The horrific ending of one relationship and the amazing start of another. Too many shifts at work then not enough. There was the death of a cousin I recently reconnected with. Now I’m planning a move, after living at my current residence for many years. Then of course, there’s uni, where I’m pulling off 80% on quizzes I barely had time to study for. It’s madness! As such, I feel like I haven’t been connecting with the ancient Egyptian deities, my beloved netjeru, nor this blog in the manner I had been before. Life has changed a great deal since I first began flying with Isis. 

As always, however, completely unexpected Subjective Mystical Experiences and Encounters (SMEEs) occur with the netjeru, as well as the ancient Egyptian Spiritual Guardians (i.e. non-deified beings). These unexpected encounters spark and rekindle my relationship with ancient Egypt. It so happens, I was on Facebook and saw pictures of the mummy of Queen Tiye which was part of the Pharaoh’s Golden Parade. What a spectacular event!

Although fascinated by mummies, I began to mull over how appropriate it was to display human remains for public viewing, as if they were an object or artefact. Whenever I see pictures of mummies, I appreciate them but I never allow my eyes to linger for long, out of respect. I suppose I’m unsure about the most appropriate behaviour and response to mummies and on the ethics surrounding their display, which causes me to have a degree of inner conflict. Certainly, gawking at mummies is inappropriate, therefore, I never do so. I quickly noted that Queen Tiye, also known as the Elder Lady, must have been a beautiful woman in life, with gorgeous hair but I didn’t gawk at her mummy, nor evaluate it with any scrutiny.

Going about my business on Facebook, I was liking various posts and seeing what friends are up to in my feed. I became aware of an energy building around me. It became stronger, yet not altogether oppressive. Suddenly, I received a message:

“I’m honoured!”

It was Queen Tiye.

After years of psychic and spiritual development, sometimes all I need to do is think about someone or something and it’s enough to establish a spiritual / energetic connection (that is, I connect with the conscious essence of that person, place or thing). Queen Tiye is a perfect example. It’s like when you accidentally press something on your phone and suddenly you’re calling someone, but they’re a friend and you’re happy to talk to them, anyway. Maybe it happened for a reason? At any rate, Queen Tiye had come to answer my questions about mummies.

The Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Guardians are deeply honoured at the ongoing interest in their civilisation and with the respect with which they’ve been treated. “Rest assured, we are satisfied.” Queen Tiye said. Also, as I learned from her grandson, Tutankhamun, the Ancient Egyptian deities and Spiritual Guardians are just as fascinated by modernity as we are by the ancients. It’s a very mutual love affair.

At this time, I do, however fear that my Kemetic Blog muscle has atrophied somewhat and I do not possess the usual prose you’d expect to read from a scribe. Nor do I have the presence of mind to go super deep into meditation with Queen Tiye and receive all the messages she’d like to deliver. I wish I could! If only I could bask in the presence of the netjeru all day and not have to worry about work, uni and adulting in general. It’s a shame! For all the material treasures and structures left behind by the ancient Egyptians, there’s even more non-material treasures, that is, spiritual information you can access and none of it’s been stolen, wiped out, obliterated, swallowed by sand or eroded by time. It’s all there, unadulterated.

For me personally, I have to process the great sadness and betrayal, the great happiness and new beginnings, and all the upheaval in my life before I can proceed. We all do; we all need to get past the distractions in this world to reach a more spiritual life, if we really want to get the full picture of ancient Egyptian religion. This process, I suppose, may be different for everyone. It all comes back to spiritual and earthly balance, which the deities have revealed to me is part of Ma’at (including the goddess, Ma’at herself).

Many people get their information from physical reality and I respect that. And yet, so much of my information comes from non-physical reality. Not many people seem to value this type of subjective knowledge, whether it be their own or someone else’s and I’ve learned to be okay with that. What I’ve made peace with is knowing that I’m doing my own thing, and I have my own relationship with the netjeru. They know me and I’m learning to know them. I think if you’re going to get involved with non-physical beings, you’d better be willing to embrace non-physical realities and you can’t do that by clinging to physicality for dear life. It frustrates me, sometimes; the current culture and thought processes in the world today. I’ll admit that.

“When you have faith, we have faith.” Queen Tiye interjected in response, which was very heart warming.

I have faith, Queen Tiye!

I have faith.

Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog and this brief mystical introduction to Queen Tiye. I’m still here. Still scribbin’. Still vibin’. More to come!


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