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Not so long ago, and not so far away: Revisiting Rhonda Byrne and The Secret

January 9, 2022


Lately, I’ve been brushing up on Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and quickly progressed to book 2, The Power where I am at the moment.

As an intuitive and eclectic Kemetic pagan, I often like to acknowledge other schools of thought outside the rigid realm of Egyptology and the hegemonious powers that be. Powers that attempt to decide for us, what the Egyptological world and the world of Kemeticism can and cannot be. Sometimes, I think we need to get out of our heads, the same way we need to get out of our houses to go do something! That’s what I love about New Age spirituality and the contributions of New Age thought to my own journey. It may even contribute to yours. That’s because there are other powers that be; greater powers. Like, the ultimate power of Love!

Try looking at it this way. Do you honestly think for one minute that with all their incense, gypsy jewellery, linen clothing and lotus-sniffing that the ancient Egyptians weren’t New Age hippies? Of course, they were! The whole kingdom was a New Age wonderland, are you kidding? Dua, netjeru! That doesn’t mean they were high all the time. Look at their accomplishments. This was a civilisation that knew The Secret.

As for our world today, a little positivity never hurt anyone. I love hearing the sound of Rhonda’s voice as she reads her audio books. In fact, I’m already manifesting little things through the Law of Attraction that have led to bigger things. Messed up situations are suddenly coming together and are working out beautifully. Including a holiday to the Whitsundays, which I planned last year with my partner. All this was before Omicron hit Queensland. Our plans nearly got ruined because of this latest COVID development but it’s safe for us to go now. So, I know The Secret works. If you don’t believe it, or if you’re offended, I would suggest focusing on what you like and what you want in your life, rather than on what you don’t like and don’t want, and have a nice life! Wink, wink.


Here I am, running through The Secret audiobooks like a marathon to continue manifesting the perfect holiday. By the time I get into The Power on iTunes, I’m starting to bliss out.

What’s blissing out? I’d say it’s the opposite of freaking out. The opposite of having a meltdown. (Isn’t it funny, we live in a society that’s more familiar with freaking out than blissing out; I want to challenge and change that)!

There I was, making a cup of coffee — one of those instant coffee bags that are really great for when you’re on the go — and wham! My consciousness shifted. Just the sight of coffee infusing in water, the unfurling tendrils of matter coalescing to form an even greater whole, was suddenly no less magnificent than watching new stars being born of condensing dust clouds in space. My cup of coffee coming together and new stars being born were suddenly not so different: both are made of the same stuff, both forming under not-so-dissimilar circumstances. I was standing in my kitchen making a cup of coffee and I was also simultaneously standing in the universe, making new stars shine. I was here and I was there, it was all one place, all one creative action by all One Being. You want to know who we really are? This is who we really are. The Secret isn’t just about becoming a millionaire (though by all means, bring it on), it’s about becoming a co-creator. I was in a state of wonder and awe, which only attracted more wonder and more awe. That’s blissing out.

As my cosmic coffee experience began to taper, I thought of ancient Egypt, the people, the Nile and of course, the netjeru. The feeling of ‘all one place, all one time, and all one being’ endured and the artificial agonies of academia, their scrutiny of ancient Egypt down to the smallest minutiae, their elitism and their condemnation of us neo-pagans all meant very little. It was not so long ago, not so far away, not so mysterious and not so hard to understand, after all. It’s part of you. And in a state of bliss, it’s all happening right now, along with an abundance of so many other wonderful things. These are all things you can access and tap into, to create whatever you want. 

Such is the mindset of a mystic. It won’t gel with everyone, I realise. And that’s cool. But this is the path I’ve chosen, I have chosen to see unbridled beauty spiral before me and know that it is part of me. The Great Mystery of who you are unfolds for you, too! It unfolds for everyone, because we are One.

Blessings and thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog. I hope you’ve found this post beneficial in some way. If you’ve read Rhonda Byrne, I’d love to hear your positive experiences of The Secret.



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