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Christian and Kemetic Nativity Scenes are One Scene

December 21, 2021
Mary Isis with child

Image by Jo-B from Pixabay 


In a moment of sudden clarity, I whispered “Mary is Isis and Jesus Christ is Osiris and Horus. The nativity scenes are one scene, repeated through time.”


In my last post, I discussed setting up a Kemetic-themed Christmas tree for the second year running and how I was quite content with the results. I also mentioned that when I was touching the ornaments and doing finishing touches on the tree, I began to have spontaneous visions. I wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular at all, and my mind had wandered a bit, as you typically do when doing things around the house.

It was the touching of the ornaments that seemed to spark something, and the information was flowing from those objects. In my minds eye, I knew that what I was seeing was a Kemetic nativity scene with Isis / Aset amongst the river reeds and blue lotus lilies. She was cradling her baby son, Horus and hiding from her murderous brother, Set. Although in grave danger, Isis also felt a deep sense of joy in those moments. There was a tremendous sense of wholeness — everything would be okay now — despite the many perils and temporary lack of resources. Isis would have to carefully move from cover eventually but in those moments, she knew she’d accomplished something infinitely important. Osiris had been resurrected. She had conceived and given birth to a son, Horus. What she did would change — and save — the course of humanity and creation, which sent ripple effects through the cosmos. The nativity scenes would have to be repeated in coming times, however as the battle (for what Earth and creation were going to be) was not completely over yet.

In a moment of sudden clarity, I whispered “Mary is Isis and Jesus Christ is Osiris and Horus. The nativity scenes are one scene, repeated through time.” The realisation brought tears to my eyes. Very briefly, I tried to analyse and rationalise this. Well, I come from a Catholic background, so of course maybe it’s just me wanting to reconcile these two very different religions now that I’m a Kemetic pagan?

Mary-Isis responded:

No. They’re not as different as you think. These two religions [Kemticism and Catholicism] come from the same source. All religions come from the same source.

I wish I could convey the shock wave I felt from the current I was carrying when this information plugged into my being and it all made sense — when the mists and veils of ignorance I never knew I had receded. When the river reeds parted and there was Mary-Isis with her child.

These stories, these nativity scenes, these religions are one. Nothing was stolen from one to create the other. Rather, they were retold when needed and in order to be retold, they had to be relived.

Chaos and Isfet did not win. Isis won, which is why it’s so ironic that a terrorist group would be given her namesake today, when nothing could be further from the truth (as a side note, look at the ankh, a symbol of life turned into a cross, which was an execution device that later became a symbol of resurrection)! But that’s the nature of truth in today’s world: twisted, jumbled wreckage strewn about and it’s up to us to pick up the pieces — just as Isis picked up Osiris — if we want the whole story. 

I’m so very grateful for this gift. I will never turn away from it. This is my promise to the many gods and the one god, to Mary-Isis and Jesus-Osiris and Horus: I will never turn away from you!

Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog. A Merry Isis to you. Stay safe and well.



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