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Mash Up Post: Reaching Page One on Google, Animism YouTube Video and Reflection

December 6, 2020
Content is King

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This week I’m trying something new with a mash up post, including reaching page one on Google, animism YouTube video and reflection on the path so far. Hope you enjoy! 

Reaching Page One on Google

In just four months, Kemetic Blog: Kemetic Spirituality in Today’s World has made it to page one on Google for the search term ‘Kemetic Blog’. What a journey it has been and yet, we’ve only just begun! A huge thank you in advance to all of my readers out there. You are a big part of my inspiration. I believe that information in the online Kemetic community should be accessible, just as the ancient Egyptian deities — the netjeru — are accessible to us today.

I write this blog to support and encourage other Kemetic practitioners, including newbies and visitors who are looking for more information on Kemeticism. I think it’s important to be open, to be kind and share Ma’at as much as possible with everyone we meet. Don’t waste a single opportunity to extend that energy!

I say thank you, in advance because I don’t think I have many readers as of yet, as evidenced by a lack of engagement so far. At the moment, I don’t have analytics switched on behind the scenes. The focus has been to simply document what’s been happening on my journey, to produce original, high-quality content and to do my thing, as they say. If anyone should be out there reading, please feel free to say hi!



Animism YouTube Video

The post written last month, Animism in Kemetic Neo-pagan Practice: Meeting and Working with an Acacia Tree Goddess raises several points for further discussion. As such, I felt it was time for another YouTube video and to have another post-reading, since YouTube is likely to reach more people who may be looking for this type of content. Any readers at this point may have noticed I’ve slowed down a bit with my YouTube videos, that’s because I’m working on improving the production quality, which is currently in the works. My goal is to have better quality videos next year in 2021.


Kemeticism has been a serendipitous discovery for me right from the start. As anyone who’s followed my story would know, my introduction to Isis and the ancient Egyptian pantheon occurred spontaneously, as I was getting my life together after the first wave of COVID-19, when employment became scarce. I was aware of a powerful, benevolent group of non-physical beings around me at night. Despite the strength of these beings, they were humble and non-intrusive. It was only when I attempted to communicate with them, that I began receiving Egyptian imagery, messages and names. The relationship grew and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’ve learned that the nature of the netjeru is to nurture, and I’ve learned to trust them implicitly.  I’ve also learned not to pre-empt what an experience is going to be on this path. It is far better to be in a receptive state, as opposed to remaining completely passive or attempting to control what direction we move in next. In this sense, the compass itself becomes the direction. I don’t know exactly where we’re going next, but I know it will be the right way. Likewise, I don’t know precisely what we’ll see over the next horizon, but I know it will be whatever is needed. Because of this approach, life as a Kemetic has become a series of serendipitous discoveries. I simply have faith in the netjeru. 

It’s interesting to note, that if I hadn’t been open to these experiences, if I judged them or myself for having them, I would’ve shut them down and my life would not be as enriched as it is today. It’s clear the netjeru do not push their reality onto us, if we are not open. I’m simply grateful that I allowed myself to receive this gift from the gods, that is, a life spent with them. Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog and my mash up post on reaching page one on Google, animism YouTube video and reflection. Stay safe and well. A Happy Holiday Season to you and yours!


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