Introducing Kemetic Blog’s New Facebook Page

December 18, 2022



A Facebook Page for Kemetic Blog was long overdue. Here it is, finally!

Believe it or not, I don’t find it particularly easy to toot my own horn. As a blogger, you’re already putting yourself out there and only doing yourself a disservice if you have no social media presence. I was on Twitter for a while, but I’m not updating that account at the moment. I’m most comfortable on Facebook, so I’ve created a Facebook Page.

On my Facebook page, you’ll find extra snippets of info and stories behind the posts, like the time I accidentally locked myself out of the blog. I don’t always have time to launch into a full post about everything interesting that happens around here, I wish I could. There’s always stuff happening. (If I ever won the lottery — hint, hint Isis — I would blog, write and produce content full time).

While Kemetic Blog is ranking well in the search engines, I’d like to stimulate more readership and reader engagement in the upcoming mainstream New Year. Your feedback is incredibly important to me, whether it’s positive, negative or neutral. I want to know what you think about the blog, about the lived experiences shared here and any suggestions or requests you might have. You may have noticed when I receive requests to write about certain topics, it might take me a month or so, but I eventually get to it! I can’t always guarantee a post or answer to every request received but all requests will be taken into consideration.

A new Facebook Page will make it easier to connect with you and also allow readers a chance to connect with one another. I’m a huge advocate of the Kemetic community, despite a few bumps in the road. I’ll never give up on it. A solitary Kemetic practitioner is always a resourceful and stoic person, and the solitude is often unavoidable. Ultimately though, Kemetics need one another. I’m hoping my Facebook Page will make a contribution to our community.




:: Acknowledgement of African Origin The author of Kemetic Blog acknowledges and respects the African ancestral origins of ancient Egypt, and recognises the practice of Kemetic paganism as a modern reflection of Traditional African Religion. ::


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