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In Peace I Dwell: A Message from Seti I

January 10, 2021
Seti I

Pharaoh Seti I, detail of a wall painting from the Tomb of Seti I at the Valley of the Kings, Western Thebes, Egypt. Image by: Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin FRCP(Glasg) via Wikimedia Commons.


Although Seti I is a pharaoh consecrated to Set, who is a god of disorder (and boy, do I have stories to share about him at some point) Seti I has none the less come to us with a message of peace in troubled times.

It should be noted that most of the magic performed in ancient Egypt involving Set was to minimise his destructiveness, not to incite it (see the 2020 book, Ancient Egyptian Magic: A Hands-on Guide by Christina Riggs). Despite having launched many military campaigns during his reign in order to stabilise Egypt, which was quite common among pharaohs, the role of Seti I as peacemaker in the afterlife becomes more apparent, when we understand how the ancient Egyptians viewed order versus chaos (See the 2016 article, The ancient Egyptian concept of Maat: Reflections on social justice and natural order by James R. Ferguson).

Fast forward to modern times, when many of us fear our hopes have been dashed for a happy and safe New Year, Seti I is stepping up, along with other ancient Egyptian spiritual guardians and gods, to influence peaceful solutions and to help stabilise our global community. This is my Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) of course, based on Subjective Mystical Experiences (SMEs) had during meditation. Its value is up to you to decide. I’ll share the story below:

The other night, I was lying quietly in my room meditating, attempting to rebalance my personal energies, then proceed with writing the latest post for Kemetic Blog. The political unrest in my homeland of the United States is an event I can feel from my new home, in Australia. There’s no need to name names or drop links, as we all know what’s happening in the United Sates during January 2021. I really don’t want to energise the turmoil any further. What I will say, is while Australia sleeps, North America is awake and if North America is having a collective bad day, those in Australia with sensitivities are likely to have a bad night!


What is very clear at this time is your consciousness, your emotions and what you choose to energise (with your emotions) affects the whole planet. You have more power than you know!


From the perspective of my own Subjective Mystical Reality (SMR) there are various netjeru and ancient Egyptian spiritual guardians at my altar and shrine at any given time. Anyone can develop their intuitive abilities and access the netjeru, if their motivations are sincere. It’s an incredible honour to have these gods and guardians in our lives, especially at times like these. Since the trouble overseas began, the netjeru have been less active at my shrine and understandably so. They’re attending to more pressing matters in the world. The other night, I was more or less on my own, or so I thought. 

Energetically, I was attempting to re-esatblish peace, order and Ma’at within myself, then send out that healing energy to go where it was needed. It wasn’t easy. The psychic space I was attempting to occupy was filled with a heavy, toxic gunk and that’s putting it mildly. I had to ease off, realising it’s wiser to pick your battles. That’s when Seti I appeared. Despite having difficulties, holding the space and intention for peace was enough to initiate contact with a spiritual guardian who could help. I wasn’t focused on any god or guardian in particular and this was my first encounter with Seti I. I was very glad we met!


How did I know it was Seti I?

Lately, I’m learning to loosen up and not be so uptight about the stigma surrounding psychic awareness. So I joke about it now, and say that I suffer from a bad case of The Clairs: claircognisance, clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. Any of these can underlie our Subjective Mystical Experiences (SMEs). I should also emphasise, these abilities are available to anyone willing to open and develop them.

In the coming year, I plan to start uploading meditation and psychic development videos on Youtube, for those who would like to connect. So if I had to pin it down, I would say I knew who it was through clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognisance. Seti I did not launch into a lengthy discourse (I don’t know anyone who does that!) he simply smiled and imparted four words:

In peace I dwell.

When he spoke the words, they were laden with magic. The ancient Egyptians believed words spoken or written with clear intent are indeed, magical (again, see Riggs). I could feel the power of his words spread throughout my being. I took a deep breath, then tried repeating the same words with clear intent:

In peace I dwell.

The words had nearly the same effect as Seti I’s. His words of heka are a Kemetic mantra of sorts, which can be repeated during meditation — not in a rapid-fire succession — but periodically as needed. Here’s what I found useful: First, connect with your breathing. Keep your breaths slow and deliberate. Inhale, then as you exhale, repeat the words silently or aloud, allowing the effect of the words to flower and fade. Repeat until you feel your energy building and radiating with peace. Try it yourself. Inhale. Exhale:

In peace I dwell.

You might find that repeating the words as you exhale will build up your energy better. If not, do what works for you. If you get better results by repeating the words as you inhale, great! Remember, a practical approach to Kemeticism is always best, no matter how mystical you want to get. During your meditation, you might even see Seti I in your mind’s eye, who imparts peace, wisdom, assuredness and confidence in times of distress. He’s an excellent ancient Egyptian spiritual guardian to work with, who can also be considered a god, since he was a pharaoh and achieved consciousness of god within. He is available to work with those who call upon him, or you never know, he might just pop in when needed!

Thank you, for reading Kemetic Blog. A very happy and safe secular New Year to my readers. Please do not be discouraged by current events in the world, no matter what country you may live in. Know that your feelings and reactions are valid, no matter what they are, but also know that your well-being and safety must come first. Now is a good time for self-care and looking after those you love. Build peace within yourself, then extend that peace to the world, where it is so desperately needed, if you can. If not, leave it to the gods and stay well.

In peace I dwell.


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