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Communing with the Full Moon and a Very Special Baboon

January 8, 2023
Thoth, Djehuty, The Moon

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay


Last night, I communed with the full moon and a very special baboon, (that would be Thoth, or Djehuty of course, in none other than his baboon form).

The full moon rose between branches of Australian native paperbarks outside my window, and I was so incredibly grateful that I was able to be there to witness it and be part of it. I had worked on Christmas and mainstream New Year but this, the full moon, was mine. Mmwahahaha!

I did my best to relax and tune into the natural energies around me, which wasn’t easy because I have so much going on. For one thing, my wedding is less than two months away. I’ve done all the academic subjects I can do in my degree and can’t progress any further until I attend hospital placements, which means I’ll be financially compromised because I can’t work while on placement and you don’t get paid for your labour as a student (you actually pay them). Let’s just say it creates a lot of tension and it’s a challenge to quieten the clamour.

Still, an opalescent halo around the full moon called out to me. Moonbeams reached down from above, all the way to my bedroom window below. I held up my hand to touch them and breathe them in. At last, my consciousness shifted. There was Thoth, silent as the full moon itself. His presence was reassuring, and I allowed him to conduct the energy for the evening. It was nice to just let everything go. I could hear information begin to issue from the silence, although I couldn’t make out what was being said.  Was it English, ancient Egyptian, or something else? The answer I was given was this:

The moonlight carries and speaks its own language, and it speaks in code to program life for evolution.

I didn’t have to understand this information intellectually, I realised, because my body and soul(s) were taking it in, and I would integrate it in due course through insights, realisations and further experiences. The information would manifest around me. I just sat with it, as my eyelids fluttered, and my body gave occasional, little twitches. The meditation was deep, and I allowed myself to drift off, immersed in the full moon energy. Okay, everything is going to be fine. Just one step at a time. Breathe.

That’s what the meeting was about: unplugging, integrating and recalibrating myself in context of the mainstream New Year and all it would bring. I’m thankful I made time to do it, because I realised that as a pagan, we cannot escape the pull and influence of the mainstream world, any more than we can escape the pull and influence of the full moon. It’s there, whether you accept it or not and the best way, is to simply work with that energy. It doesn’t mean you can’t do you. It just means you’re responsive and adaptable to the world(s) around you. After the meditation, my entire body and soul felt one with the full moon; my nervous system and DNA lit up with moonlight. It was beautiful and intense. My hope is that everyone on the planet will one day have these experiences because if we did, the planet would be a very different place.

Nights like these are my rituals; this is just one example of how I connect with the netjeru in my own version of Kemetic practice. I think each practitioner is naturally drawn to a form of expression that suits their unique gifts and abilities. Those who are intellectually inclined and who strive for historical accuracy, may pursue the path of a reconstructionist. Those who are independent with practical vision, may choose to follow Kemetic reform. Those born of African heritage may seek to bring healing, empowerment and balance to the world by challenging the Eurocentric establishment, which clearly has to go. Those who are Wiccan may remind us to harness the Heka or magic and symbolism that’s all around us. Those who are intuitive, like myself, may encourage others to develop their own intuitive faculties to experience a wider reality through practices such as meditation and the 42 Positive Confessions. No single path is more correct than the other; each are complementary. We can learn a great deal from other Kemetic pagan perspectives, to give ourselves a fuller picture of what’s out there and what’s within us all. Even those who follow a so-called ‘dark path’ are showing us that to acknowledge and validate our dark sides allows us to fully integrate who we are. I think we could all use some shadow-work, under the light of the full moon!

Thank you, once again for reading Kemetic Blog. I look forward to connecting with you in the mainstream New Year of 2023 and every year, thereafter. Stay safe and well.




:: Acknowledgement of African Origin The author of Kemetic Blog acknowledges and respects the African ancestral origins of ancient Egypt, and recognises the practice of Kemetic paganism as a modern reflection of Traditional African Religion. ::


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